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this evening. we also have the latest forecasts details on our web site, >> mitt romney is off to a good start. he is the projected winner in a vermont. keep in mind, all precincts have not reported the numbers. new gingrich has said if he does not lend georgette he will be out of their race. jordan goes to newt gingrich. we will keep you updated throughout the hour at 6:00 p.m. and again at 8:00 p.m.. >>pam: is the second day of the visit with israeli president shimon peres. he took a visit to facebook today. big losses on wall street today. the dow fell more than two to three points closing at 12,759. the nasdaq slipped 40 points to 2910. this is the market's biggest downturn in three months. >> we will have periods of relative normalcy into the markets will adjust. nothing that happened last week has team to the u.s. economy. >>pam: of we are still ahead in terms of the market. >> the dow is up in the s&p is up. when we keep that in perspective, it is good, but with a big drop like this, of course you have the issue with our on, oil prices and gas. >>pam: union square in san
runner mitt romney is now. >>> s plus president obama microphone gaffe. sweetheart. we need to talk. i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005. wait, what? and only 3 likes? honey, it's embarrassing. carol's son got over 12 million views on that dancing squirrel video. don't you want that? i...i suppose. now go make your dad and me proud. tryomething funny. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one year term. at&t. >> there have been rallies all across the country and in the bay area for trayvon martin. he is the unarmed teenager. he was killed last month by a neighborhood guard, a volunteer. he was unarmed. there is new information becoming public today it is suggesting that trayvon martin might have been the initial aggressor. the teenager was shot to death by george zimmerman. who has claimed he fired in self-defense. >> it's been 1 month since his death, this huge rally in sanford, florida a show of support for trayvon martin. he shot martin in self-defense. poli
and gone. the players are sustained. no one has dropped out. mitt romney is trying to nudge his opponents to the sidelines, so far they are not budging. he did not win a knockout punch but his delegate lead is growing. he even took a loss of city off to get some rest. here is the breakdown on super tuesday votes. romney is way ahead with 30%, santorum has 27% within regeneron hall wall behind. if romney was hoping any of his opponents to call it a day, that did not happen. a santorum allies urge a new gingrich to abandon the race. he said he would only consider that if he thought santorum was short to the romney and then obama. in other words, he is not going anywhere >> if we win alabama and mississippi, this will be a whole new race for the ninth time. staff >> we have to weaken went out west and the heartland and the south. >>catherine: the overall race for delegates, romney is leading with 419. no one else is close to that. one ohio democrat has lost his seat in congress. this was his concession see last night. >>pam: some lawmakers in washington are trying to help struggling homeowne
, mitt romney has a big lead over rick santorum. a romney is leading 54%-20%. from its supporters are hoping for a victory celebration. newt gingrich in ron paul are both really. care >>catherine: police are spreading out in france looking for a if someone who killed four people at a school. it is believe the same person is responsible for two other shootings. new details on the attacks are emerging. authorities say the suspect's that the man had a camera strapped to his trust, recording the murders. killing two french paratroopers. there were seven victims that were shot at such close range and gun fire burned the scanned. president nicolas sarkozy joined students and parents telling them the children who died were just like family, he later joined them in a minute of silence. french citizens are adjusting to reinforce security measures. police are looking for export gunman who may have a neo-nazi times or a grudge against minorities. the paratroopers were north african or caribbean in origin. the victims at the school were told french-israeli citizens. the terror of war in south
down and allow mitt romney become the nominee for the party. a romney supporter called the other candidates disgraceful greased seth trump says it is time the gop to unite around romney in order to focus. the gop candidates were in the deep south today because alabama and mississippi voters are set to cast their ballots tomorrow. romney said the morning in mobile, alabama. he was joined by ejects fox -- he was joined by jeff fox ready. romney has accused president obama of mismanaging medicare. romney plans to overhaul medicare. santorum spoke at the gulf coast energy summit in biloxi. he was there with his wife's theory 37 delegates are up for grabs in mississippi. in an interview santorum says the race is about to enter a phase in which he will face fewer disadvantages. newt gingrich was also in biloxi, mississippi addressing the gulf coast energy's seventh. he blasted the president's energy policy. the former house speaker has said that he would get gas prices down to $2.50 a gallon if he got elected. >> big changes coming to the forecast, you can see clouds are moving into th
his speech and he also took the time to attack his republican rival, mitt romney. >> you saw in the supreme court debating these last few days oh obama care. and the general of this country referring to another program that was passed. that was the model for obama care. they actually mention it in the legal arguments debated before the supreme court on tuesday. and that other program of course was romney care. but that was the template for oh obama care. the mandates, all of the government prescription, something that ronald reagan would never approve of. he is the one who changed the platform of the republican par party. he stood for life. he stood for the integrity of the family. he understood the importance of family in our country. and i have been a leader on that front too. standing up. as the people of california did for traditional marriage with prop 8. [applause]. >> reporter: santorum's speech was followed by a fundraiser. he is expected to attend a private fundraiser later this evening. jeff bush, kron 4 news. >>> a key endorsement for mitt romney made official to
contests have gone to mitt romney. he is going into super tuesday with momentum on this side. >> if i win georgia, i think i will when alabama and mississippi had a good opportunity to win in kansas. >>pam: mitt romney will go into the washington congress with somewhat of an endorsement. he was selected as the default choice for republican voters. the paper also said that romney is his own biggest impediment. >>jaqueline: the extent of warming along the coast line depends on the wind. >>jaqueline: here is a look at temperatures for tomorrow morning. a chilly morning on tap, clear skies with to brokers in the '30's and a few places. upper 60s and low seventies for the north bay. hot >>jaqueline: warm here, warm there, it will be warm everywhere in the area for the weekend. next week, will the conditions on tap. a few systems will become a close to the bay area. when on tuesday night will cool things down and bring a slight chance of rain. >>pam: westbound on the bay bridge, remarkably light traffic carried no problems there. on the top of your screen, traffic is barely moving. southbound 1
presidential candidates to get behind mitt romney. among ma'am jeb bush. he urged his party to bring a divisive primary to enclose and get behind the presidency for mitt romney. third >> i've picked up the phone and it was jeb bush. he said mitch, i am addressing you today. >>catherine: it happened one day after the illinois primary. santorum did not sound like a defeated contended today. romney is becoming increasingly angry. >> he will fundamentally change its position in and do what it takes to win the fundamental election. >>catherine: mitt romney did not seem too disturbed by all the fuss today. in the meantime, new gingrich could be having some serious financial trouble. is this campaign has 1.5 allele and cash on hand scott 1 1/6 billion in debt. the present there is some traveling today. christ how >>president obama: title was not playing fair when it came to solar power. we leveled the playing field. american workers and businesses will always win. >>catherine: the shooting death of an unarmed teenager in florida, this was an earlier march. protesters lawn a neighborhood watch voluntee
districts. cuts could be coming. we will tell you how rick santorum plans to cut back after the mitt romney victories in the gop presidential race in we will find out how new privacy changes for google will affect you online. >>pam: tonight at 6:00 p.m., major cuts limulus collage of the bay area. 500 little notices approved instances to as the distance still to close the lenin debt load of more than 80 million. >>pam: budget deficits and yet has that hail falls as the tough choices and francisco schools face. >>dan: student suggested tausan and next year. they're faced with a projected deficit of one and 83 million over two years. the school board has voted to send out nearly 500 and larry layoff of assault. the notices will go to one of the 23 of 2 of 69 administrators, 106 of 1500 paraprofessionals white teacher's aide in the school's security guards and 210 of 4100 teachers and counselors. >> you will have fewer teachers with the same number of children with will be an increase in class size clean it tally is with the san francisco teachers' union. >> the individual child would not and
cold and alabama and this is the clause about 15 minutes ago. romney, santorum and gingrich on or all neck and neck in these seven states. >>jaqueline: here are a couple of live look outside. on the golden gate we're still overcast. the wind is lie furiously in the higher elevations of. the rainfall totals have been very impressive. less rain as you go further south. here's a look at storm tracker 4 radar. plenty of moisture streaming to the bay area to be over nine hours. here is a look at future counts. future cast 4 does show the rain tapering off into tomorrow. into the 9:00 hour expect another third inch of rain. rainfall totals are not too aggressive until we roll into later in the morning. in the afternoon and evening, rainfall totals increased. for temperatures tomorrow will be cool. the snow will also continue to the overnight hours. we will see periods of moderates now. snow levels will increase into tomorrow. rain will continue throughout much of the state store. sixth fourth six fairly heavy rain into friday. >>pam: on this wet tuesday, let's check traffic on the san mateo
if the election were happening today. also ahead, mitt romney getting another endorsement and we'll tell you when rick santorum arrives in the bay. >>> after the storm the cleanup is under way, i'll show you some of the worse damage coming up. >> the storm has moved out for now. we'll see more rain in the forecast. details on that coming up. >>> and coming up new, tonight at 6:30. . >>> also new at 6:30, a new networking site connecting more than just military members with their families back home. we'll tell you who is also gaining support through this gaining support through this site, based here in califo gaining support through this site, based here in califo you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move
in the louisiana. that romney is hoping to wheel him some votes by attacking president obama's healthcare reform law on his second year anniversary. the former massachusetts governor has been the target of criticism from some because of his state's health-care plan in the northeastern state when he was governor. rick santorum was out of shooting range in the louisiana this morning. he defended recent remarks that he made about rival mitt romney. he suggested some voters might as well stick with president obama rather than elected romney. here is some of his feisty exchange with reporters. >> how many times do you hear me say this? you guys should do some reporting, etc. just reporting what governor romney feeds you. i've said repeatedly that we need choice and we can't have the decision between tweedledtweedled um and tweedledee. >> santorum does hold her substantial lead. he has been doing well in the south. >>> people in louisiana are focused on more than the primary. they are dealing with quite of bit of flooding from the strong storm system this week. some people can't even leave their homes
romney has been raising money trying to win over lawmakers on capitol hill. he met quietly with some of them today. santorum was campaigning in louisiana showing no signs of dropping out. the trails routed by more than 300 delegates. >> you win by giving people a choice. u.n. by giving people the opportunity to see a different vision for our country. >>catherine: did the board has been coming under increasing pressure to drop out. he was asked today if he was discouraged efforts like he was not. the man who shot and killed seven people in france was killed by police a standoff ended today in a blaze of gunfire. police would not allow reporters to get a close enough to see what happened, but you can hear the gunfire. the shots were fired not only by police but by the suspect as well. he said that he killed people in france to atone for the deaths of palestinian children. the french president said that investigation is underway to determine if he had any help in the attacks. authorities had hoped to take him alive. as suspected, police have found it videos of the killings. he wore a ca
. the red dots show the states where mitt romney has come out on top. you can see rick santorum in the green. you can see from the placement that he is doing well in some of the southern states where romney has been struggling. but santorum has come out on top in nine steps so forth. call me to the rescinded gingrich there in the yellow. sources at south carolina. camp is shrugging off the victories yesterday saying that their candidate is way ahead in the delegate count and that is all that matters. the british prime minister seems to be having och >>catherine: a transformer fire caused a mass in boston. the hall was a lot of darkness and traffic lights. it really was a problem. nearby hotel guests were evacuated because of heavy smoke. others were told to stay inside with windows closed. the problems extended to several neighborhoods. >>pam: coming up gary radnich with sports and buster cozy busts out with his first hit of the spring and is a big one. gary has that story and all of the sport's next curious >>gary: buster cozy hit a home run to date. brian wilson had a one-to-3 innings. >>g
happenstance illinois tomorrow. mitt romney got 80 percent of the vote and pr. while campaigning in illinois, he could not resist joking. santorum is also making a final push in illinois and firing back at the front runner after romani refer to him as an economic light weight. savannah's santorum is trying to close the gap by quoting the name of ronald reagan. a new poll in illinois gives romney a double-digit lead. tsks >> this is not about me, it [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the new wireless receiver only from at&t. get u-verse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. at&t. sure you look your side if they did when you look on
romney. the president was recently >> my first advice is to listen to reason when it formulate their positions. my other devices to check their clocks from time to time. its 2012, not the 1970's. >>catherine: the white house has said the exchange reflects the political realities of both countries. >>catherine: pope benedict grade for church -- great for freedom in cuba. communist leaders quickly rejected his appeal for political change. six >>pam: a while the police chase was caught on camera and firefighters rushed to rescue a man drowning in mind. och >>kimberlee: the chase involved is still in a school bus and on -- officers in heavy pursued. the buses bearing down an interstate in new mexico. the tires were shredded in an officer tried to ram the side of the bus. but at this point another officer caused the suspect to lose control of the bus and slam into the medium. the man was captured and taken into custody. a. marshall tried to evict a man from this house when it exploded. they believe the homeowner corp. gasoline throughout the house. his body was recovered lat
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16